That´s what you will hear in the kitchen, everything from 40-1,000 times each day at work.

That word would also be the keyword with what we are working with here. Service. What we are building brick by brick here at chef´s choice is a service, a service to provide you, yes YOU, with the value information where to dine in town.

Maybe you´re here as a tourist, or maybe you´re new in town, maybe you´re just bored by going to same ol´restaurant every time. You might be searching for that new touch of inspiration.

Who would be the best person to ask, better than the chef? 

Who is that passion driven person who´s life is all about food?

Damn right it is, the chef!!

So let´s talk to the chef and figure out where the golden nuggets are in town! Let´s find out about the place which is super fucking awesome but nobody really knows about. Maybe we will find out about that place which just a simple streets stand, yet beats the ass off an michelin stared restaurant.

This is what we are all about here at chef´s choice. We are creating a platform, and a restaurant guide made by chefs.

The idea and concept is by the huge network of chefs and restaurant professionals that