Yo peps!!

You ever wonder where the chefs eats and dine? You think they all living on 3* star fancy fancy michelin plates each day? Or you think they smash a greasy cheap kebab by the road on the way home?

Im curious, and I wanna find out more! I wanna find out what´s chefs favorite place to dine!

Im a chef myself, and it´s always been a driven passion with a dash of curiosity to figure this out.  I dunno how many hours been spent on the topic of discussing this in the kitchens. So many different places, new and old, different countries and cultures. There are soon many restaurants out there that are worth checking out, and yet so unaware!

I believe the chefs are the key to find out where the best places to eat are, and thats what we are doing here at chef´s choice!

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