Full Name

Carl Mikael Pettersson


Chef/Project Management Student

Which Restaurant

Buns Burger Bar

Tell us about your culinary background

I started as chef apprentice. I was about to travel to London for a school audition and study music. A few days before I was suppose to travel I ended up pursuing a culinary dream of mine instead. I started working at a small little neighborhood Italian restaurant as a dishwasher. Working myself through the lines. I did quite well guess. I worked hard, between 200-300hours every month for a couple of years. I jumped around restaurant to restaurant a lot, just eager to learn. I meet a lot of great people, I was very fortune and worked with a mass of great professionals. Every each one of them taught me something that helped me to grow and progress as a chef. I never became a rock star in London.. yet I´ve seen the life of one.

Whats your favorite food?

Old Swedish traditional cuisine, cooked for many hours with love by any mother or ol´ grandma.

Whats the best dish your mother ever cooked for you?

Poorman´s Pie. A type of sherpards Pie.

Your top 3 recommendation of restaurants in Oslo?

I was never a huge fan of Indian food until´I had the great experience at “Mr.India”. Such a lovely place, had an amazing food experience! We couldn’t decided what to eat, so the waitress afford to make us a tasting menu, it was mind blowing. The flavors, the smell and the taste was just incredible! The service overall was Superb.

“Fristelse Café & Bistro” of course. A vegan gourmet restaurant. Super interesting place! The atmosphere is super cozy, a bit posh and delightful. The food is amazing, and the way they serve and interact with the food. They explain their thoughts and story behind the food. Highly recommended!

Nr.3 I would go with “Kasbah” just for the great atmosphere and the reminder of being back in the middle east.

Whats the best country you ever dined in?

Ouff, tough one! Honestly though… I will disregards the classic ones, and head over to our great neighbors. My choice, Danmark. When I think about it, maybe there is a reason “Noma” was voted nr.1 restaurant in the world for a couple of years. Denmarks food culture is just so interesting and fantastic. So much fascinating things going on!

If you´re on a low budget, where would go out eating?

I´ll probably go down to Torgata to “Pearlis Baguettes & Bubble Tea”, and get me a quality Vietnamese Baguette for a cheap buck. Super good baguettes and decent prices for being Norway.



If you wanna go out and spoil yourself, where´do you go?

I would probably try a new place and see what the city has to offer.. I always wanted to try out “Bon lio”. Heard great amazing things about the place!!

You wake up and got a hangover, what´s your best tip to cure yourself?

Im not a big drinker these days… but if the shit goes down and i wake up in a state of hangover…. Anything fried, fatty, sugary, greasy, unhealthy that goes well with the tv and sofa. Probably I end up going to my local Turkish restaurant “Saray” across the road. Which, maybe by surprise, fucking awesome!

What´s your dining-dream?

There´s quite a few places I would love to visit, and not only specific restaurant. But countries, cities and cultures. Though, there is one place I hope i get to experience. Few years ago i ended up with a book by a chef named “Grant Achatz” and ever since i saw what he was doing I´ve been fascinating with his culinary art and wanted to visit “Alinea”

Tell me 3 places I gotta eat at before I die!

1. “Kometen” in Gothenburg, a piece of Swedish culinary history by the fab Leif Mannerström.

2. “LÊLÊ” in Copenhagen, just a wonderful place. It was my first tasting menu experience, and a unforgettable one!

3. That little Argentinian hideout around the corner in Cadiz, Spain… which I forgot the name of… but oh my do they have the most amazing empanadas with chimichurri.

Best Café for a coffee and a chit chat?

Mama pizza has been my favorite ever since i moved to Oslo. Some old Italian friends use to work and help them out when they started up the place. I always used to join them, grab a coffee before work and chit chat away with whomever pass my way.