Morning great people,
We at Chef´s Choice just wanted to pass a quick shout out to the great initiative by “Restaurants for humans”.

Last year we watch and experience the huge refugee crisis exploding all across the world. All media and daily news was covering wars, conflicts, death and crisis. At this given point a few guys, restaurant owners, in Oslo got fed up and decided to make a stand.

With a vision and belief, Buns Burger Bar created the initiative “Restaurants for humans”. With the idea of an event. An event where a day is chosen, and on this given date the revenue of the restaurant would go to charity. In this case the “Norwegian red cross”.

On the 29th of september 2015, 35,458 Norwegian kroner got donated to the Norwegian Red Cross to  support them in the help of the refugees.

Even if we´re not seeing as much from the crisis as we did last year, it still exist. Even if the news are all about Trump and american politics these days. We can sadly say that unfortunately a year later there are still millions and millions of people in need of a helping hand all across the world.

Join the Cause

Around a year later on the 7th of december 2016 Restaurant for humans are igniting this great initiative once again. They are encouraging more restaurants to join in for the great cause. The more restaurants that joins, the more this great charity can help people that really needs a helping hand out there. The more people that goes out and enjoys a great meal at any of the restaurant that supports the cause, the more money will go to charity.

We reckon that this is a day when you can you out and eat a dirty greasy burger or two with no guilt what so ever. It all goes down for a great cause, right? So, I think I´ll have another beer Sir.

Keep an eye open for further information, remember 7th of december. Follow the event and for more information on social media

rfh.nr1 from Carl Mikael Pettersson on Vimeo.