About Us

Hi, and welcome to Chef´s Choice. This is a different kinda restaurant guide. This is a guide made by chef´s! You´ve ever wondered where all these great professionals goes to dine after hours? Well, that´s what we´re here to tell ya.

Let me present myself. Im Mike, and Im a chef. As Im breaking new ground, Im also a student of project management. I started this project and idea because its always a interesting topic with my friends in the kitchens. Its all about food and the experience!

So, here we are. With the one idea to interview chef´s around the cities, and the globe. To let them tell us what´s their favorite place to eat. We will provide you with the dirty inside information. We will let our friends talk for themselves and let you in on the secrets to the most interesting places to eat around the world.

Stay up to date and follow us on our journey. For any further information you can contact me at: mikael@pettersson.cz

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Keep focus on Chef´s Choice.