Minna Tran´s Stockholm, Sweden

1. Right now my absolute favorite place is “Lilla Ego“. It´s just so fucking awesome! Honestly, If you wanna try it out, you gotta book it three month in advance. Its a more fine dining touch. Two chefs, both won the “Chef of the year” awards is running it. It´s classic, Nordic. Super sexy food and plates. Sometimes I go there, and sit at the bar, watching into the kitchen, seeing em´build their art. The food is just incredible, every bite of food is just like another culinary surprise filled of flavors. Its top notch! I recommend “Lilla Ego” to all my friends and whom ever ask! 

2. A more random night out for some great wine and food I´d go to “Boquerian“.Which is located at Nord Gallerian, Stockholm. It´s tapas. Great food, also has this sharing is caring concept. The place is vibrant, great energy and pulse. A bit louder, lively, and always packed with people. Great wine, good prices.

3. A more simple, Asian, I´d definitely head over to “Søder” in Stockholm, to “Barobao“. They serve Bao, which also has become quite a trend in Stockholm. Im super impress by their whole concept and business. The way they managed to build their brand and market. I love their interior and everything about them.

Budget, still want to go out?

La meta“. It´s Mexican. Super authentic. Simple. Street-food feeling. Busy, messy, I love it! Really really good food. Only Mexicans in the kitchen. This is the place where I´d go to if I want great street-food for a nice price.

Spoil myself?

Sushisho“. Really, really superb sushi, and fucking good saké! Very intimate, great atmosphere. Tiny place with only 15 seats. A true place I can go out for a luxury feeling and spoling myself.

Three restaurant that I´ll have to visit before I die!

1. Restaurant “Paleo Arhontiko“. A tiny little restaurant in Kolymbari, Greece. Fantastic tapas, with a fine-dining touch. Incredible food and service. Fantastic wine! I was surprised how cheap everything was. I´d definitely wanna return to Paleo!

2. Definitely “Raw sushi” i Stockholm. Fantastic sushi. They have some dressing, sauce, which is heavenly. They refuse to tell me the recipe. Either way, an amazing place and a have to try out!

3. You just have to experience the Vietnamese street-food. It´s something everyone needs to put down on their bucket lists. I actually managed to bring the top 300 executives at forex for a trip to Vietnam. Honestly Mike, I will choose  

My Favorite Bar

Nosh and chow“.

Best cocktails in Stockholm. Amazing drinks, crazy expensive but damn good atmosphere.

Bonus recommendation

A piece of meat at “Restaurant AG”